Key to Eternity
artwork copyright © Josephine Wall


Ancient Thieves


Jayce Scott




Sea of night
Your constant tide is in
A midnight sun such as yours
Was positively made for sin

Moon of old
On the graves your pale light aglow
Waxing eye
Watching the world below

Wind of Eve
Your howling legacy so cold
Gifts to the Predator
Like frankincense, myrrh and gold

God of grace
Your free hand to time
Thyne is the kingdom, power and glory
While the rest are mine

Man of clay
Your mate came from you
Both taste of the sweetened blossom
From the Garden you flew

Blood of life
From forever twilight live and die
Like a horse of the apocalypse
Only one choice left to I

Pray of mine
Your innocent soul I feel
A perfect rose not yet opened
Young flowers as this I steal




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"Ancient Thieves" Copyright © 2004 Jayce Scott. All rights reserved.
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artwork copyright ©
Josephine Wall

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