Marie Lecrivain




This mystical cup is not a masculine device,
And you, as a rusty, errant knight,
Can search for as long and wherever you like.
But the vessel you want,
Is in me.
It is the center of all things, it is the beginning.
It is where all life emerges.
The waters are cool, calm, healing and heavenly,
And once you have tasted them and been to its core,
You will know the bliss of being in a sacred place.




Author Bio

Marie Lecrivain is a poet/photographer living in Los Angeles. Her inspirations are her favorite authors (Charlotte Bronte, Marion Zimmer Bradley), her ego and her best friend Suzette.

She is currently hosting a group called "Poetry in the Park," an open-air venue for LA poets for the purpose of creative union. More of Marie's work can be viewed at her web site.





"Sangraal" Copyright © 2002 Marie Lecrivain. All rights reserved.
Reprinted by permission of the author.


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