In Darker Skies of Mind


Ann K. Schwader


Forget cosmological
constant excuses:

our whole universe is abandoning us
at record rates & who
can blame it?

Supernovae don't lie
when the rage of their dying
redshifts into high gear

with us sitting fat dumb
& not even happy

out here gawking up
through our backwater galaxy
night after night as the lights

go out




Author Bio

Ann K. Schwader lives and writes in Westminster, CO. She is an active member of both SFWA and HWA. Her poems have recently appeared in Tales of the Unanticipated, The Magazine of Speculative Poetry, Icarus Ascending, Star*Line, and elsewhere.

Her Lovecraftian dark poetry collection The Worms Remember was published this spring by Hive Press. She will be reading and signing at NecronomiCon in Providence, RI this August.

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"In Darker Skies of Mind" Copyright © 2001 Ann K. Schwader. This poem first appeared in Star*Line July/August 1998. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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