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Under Siege






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Kay Allen is the daughter of an illustrator and writer so you could say creative inspiration has always run in the family, and she has always dabbled in art. Her true love, though, has lways been fantasy, and now she paints character illustrations with a mouse and a touch of creative madness.

When she was a little girl she grew up in the world of illustrative art, watching her father bring to life the comic books of 'Classics Illustrated'. It was only natural that she picked up the india ink at an early age. Always interested in fantasy, she became even more inspired by the RPGs on the Internet; they inspired her to take her craft to another step and learn to illustrate using the mouse and art programs. Intrigued by the various effects that can be achieved using these mediums, although not using most of the special effects and keeping it to the basics, she hopes to perfect her style in this genre.

Kay lives in the beautiful foothills of the North Carolina Mountains, has a zoo of pets, and does crafts and paintings for various galleries around the country. She is almost sure that she is an Internet junkie. "Yup, I think I am--hooked on role playing and computer art," she says as she struggles to pull a rooted foot out from under the desk her computer sits on.

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