Pre-Raphaelite artist
Sir Frank Dicksee

"The Magic Crystal" (65k)



Pre-Raphaelite artist
Sir Edward Burne-Jones

"Evening Star" (113k)
"Star of Bethlehem" (118k)
"The Wizard" (79k)



Pre-Raphaelite artist
Edward Frederick Brewtnall

"A Visit to the Witch" (39k)
"A Visit to the Witch - Detail" (142k)



Pre-Raphaelite artist
Anna Lea Merritt

"Lamia, The Serpent Woman" (60k)



Pre-Raphaelite artist
John Anster Fitzgerald

"The Stuff that Dreams are made of" (34k)



Romantic Classicist artist
John Martin

"Manfred and the Witch of the Alps" (89k)



Symbolic artist
George Frederick Watts

"The Dweller in the Innermost" (86k)






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