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Summer 2004 Issue


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Twilight Times ezine has been providing some of the best stories and poetry available online since July 1998.

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Check out the results of the Preditors and Editors (tm) 2003 Readers Poll. Twilight Times has been in the top twenty ezines on the web for fiction and poetry for the past five years!


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If you enjoy the stories you've read in Twilight Times, then you'll also enjoy books published by Twilight Times Books. More great stories, only longer!

Listen to the Ghost, YA paranormal by Beverly Stowe McClure. [Dream Realm Award Finalist]
Nine Lives and Three Wishes, a YA fantasy by Jennifer St. Clair.
Saga of Rim, a YA fantasy by Cecilia Wennerström. [Dream Realm Award Finalist]
Striking Back from Down Under, dark fantasy collection by Dr. Bob Rich.
The Storks of Caridad, historical mystery by Dr. Florence Byham Weinberg.

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[Publisher's note.] Limited-Edition prints of "Doorway to the Stars" are available. Signed by the artist, Josephine Wall.

Behold the Eyes of Light, a fantasy novel by G. Geauterre, available from Twilight Times Books. "A heroine born of legend travels across dimensional pathways and receives training at the hands of near mythical beings. She will need all the help she can get to save Ooroomooriss, the great cat world and her home, from extinction.

Doggie Biscuit!, mainstream humor by Darrell Bain, available from Twilight Times Books.

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