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Interviewer: L. Quillen

1. Does your creativity express itself in ways other than writing?

I create websites, organize soupkitchens for the homeless, and am a well-established cultural and landscape photographer.

2. Do you feel you were creative, even as a child?

Yes, I wrote stories since I can remember. I absorbed H.C. Andersenís and Brothers Grimmís stories as a child. I remember getting an assignment in grade school to write a 3-page fiction story. I couldnít stop until it reached ten pages. I got an F for not following instructions. After complaining to the principal, and having the story re-evaluated by another teacher, I was given an A.

3. Could you share with the story behind the story? In other words, how did your writing lead you to your first novel?

Long ago I purchased a painting that showed a mystical beach with mountains and a horizon of strange colors. This magical land became my novelís (DRAGONíS MOON) setting. The story flowed out of that magnificent painting.

4. How did you prepare for the creation of your first novel? How much research was necessary?

I have a strong academic background in anthropology and biology (ecology and ornithology). So it was quite simple for me to bring to life dragon (dinosaur) and bird creatures. I also banded birds as summer jobs through my college years.

5. What kind of reaction do people have to your writing?

Non-editors whoíve read it fall in love with them. Some editors find my stories not in sync with what they feel will sell immediately. Iíve often been told my writing is ahead of its time.

6. Do you find anything difficult in the writing process, and if so what?

Rejections by editors who havenít caught on to my style. The aim of my writing is to bring about a better world by sparking the imagination that life is wondrous.

7. Do you currently have any writing projects?

Iím in the midst of several books.

8. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Hopefully, my being ďahead of my timeĒ has now caught up with me.



Author Bio

Bent Lorentzen was born in Roskilde, Denmark, ancient seat of the Danish Kingdom. He lived in Montreal for seven years, BS in biology, four years graduate education in cultural anthropology and neurobiology. He taught science at River School in Florida, was associate editor to North County News and book reviewer and photojournalist in both Denmark and USA. Bent is currently writing a syndicated column and three books.

Having written for several governments, including Denmark, Israel and the USA, Mr. Lorentzen has had his works translated into over thirteen languages. He has also studied journalism (Goddard College), photography (beginning in 1976 as an undergraduate with the Alice G. Wallace Planetarium and completing in 1998, photography certification in Copenhagen with Skolefoto Asb), and editing (Associate Editor for a newspaper syndicate and founder of the magazine, Many Leaves One Tree).

Additionally, much of Mr. Lorentzen's cultural journalism takes place through his unique ability to view and report elements of society from atop a bicycle. He has raced in Denmark and in America as a captain of a USCF cycling team, and has authored a three-year syndicated column on bicycling culture. He recently completed a 2500 kilometer bicycle ride along the mountains of eastern USA, in the dead of winter, for a book on American culture and on behalf of the mental health advocacy group, M-POWER.

Bent is available for speaking and promotional engagements worldwide.

Visit Bent's web site.





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