Dream Queen


Anne K. Edwards




She lives in a shuttered room
The door stands solid no more
Cobwebs decorate the inner gloom
And bats skim o'er the floor

The vat bubbles and heaves
As she casts her spells anew
In a voice like rattling leaves
As a winter wind passes through

Soon she rises to pace
To mumble and grumble again
About the ungrateful race
Whose requests of her never end

She stirs her steaming cauldron
And cackles with delight
Calling forth her devilish squadron
To send them into the night

Wishes will be granted
Old ideas will be reborn
And thankfulness recanted
Whose home the imps adorn

They return empty handed
Every garland scattered below
As their mistress commanded
Creatures to work her victim woe

She retreats before the dawn
Into the recesses of the brain
Where one must listen all day long
To the clanking of her chain.




Author Bio

Anne K. Edwards lives in southern Pennsylvania on a small farm where her sporadic efforts at writing finally turned into an occupation. She has two books published and short stories on the internet. Her hobbies include shoveling out horse stalls and catering to cats which leaves less time and energy for writing than she'd wish, but she loves the animals.





"Dream Queen" Copyright © 2002 Anne K. Edwards. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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