The Moth


B. E. Scully


The milk-winged thing grieves against the night
towards any faint flicker of far away light.

Careening, near now, but never to touch
lest the fiery communion prove too much.

Circle and circle, then weary descent
to the shadowed places for which it was meant--
then drawn back, eternal, fire-consumed,
so driven to dust too quickly, too soon.

Ashes fall lightly, shattered and stunned,
to the very dark earth once dreaded and shunned.




Author Bio

B.E. Scully lives in the woods of Oregon with a variety of human and animal companions. She is the author of the critically acclaimed gothic novel Verland: The Transformation as well as numerous short stories and poems. Published work, interviews, and odd scribblings can be found at

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"The Moth" Copyright © 2012 B. E. Scully. All rights reserved. Published by permission of the author.


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