Our featured authors for the January 2003 issue of Twilight Times:

Tom Lloyd-Williams
"Afraid of the Dark" -- DF (14k)

L. A. Story Houry
"City Limits" -- SF (25k)


Patrick Welch
"Cryptic Chronicles" -- F (16k)

Chris Bauer
"Furry Fury" -- DF (17k)

Lisa Wilson
"The Third King" -- F (19k)


Short Fiction

Jim Schicatano
"Battered" -- (10k)

Debi Orton
"Dancing Skies" -- New Age/F (7k)



Our featured artists are

Pre-Raphaelite artist Sir Frank Dicksee
"The Magic Crystal" (65k)

Pre-Raphaelite artist Sir Edward Burne-Jones
"Evening Star" (113k)
"Star of Bethlehem" (118k)
"The Wizard" (79k)

Pre-Raphaelite artist Edward Frederick Brewtnall
"A Visit to the Witch" (39k)
"A Visit to the Witch - Detail" (142k)

Pre-Raphaelite artist Anna Lea Merritt
"Lamia, The Serpent Woman" (60k)

Pre-Raphaelite artist John Anster Fitzgerald
"The Stuff that Dreams are made of" (34k)

Romantic Classicist artist John Martin
"Manfred and the Witch of the Alps" (89k)

Symbolic artist George Frederick Watts
"The Dweller in the Innermost" (86k)



Our featured poets:

Poet Julie Shiel
"The Wild Hunt"

Poet W. B. Vogel III

Poet Karen A. Romanko
"Gilgamesh in Los Angeles"

Poet Annette Gisby
"Dark Angel"

Introducing Poet Emily Gaskin

Introducing Poet Wendy M. Peterson
"Vampire's Garden"

Poet Guillaume Apollinaire
"Le Chat" [French]
"Katten" [Swedish]
"The Cat" [English]



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Practical Tips for Online Authors.
"How to Advertise Your Ebooks on the Net"



  A special note to TT readers. All contents of this issue are copyright by the writers and artists. If you discover any artwork or writing published here elsewhere on the internet, or in print magazines, please let us know immediately. The staff of Twilight Times feels very strongly about protecting the copyrighted work of contributors.


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