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Interviewer: Lida Quillen

1. Does your creativity express itself in ways other than writing?

Actually, when I was a teenager, I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to be a writer, an artist, a dancer or a singer. I was skilled in all of these areas, but my love for writing became bigger than my love for the other areas. Though I still love to draw (I designed the logo for my Wounded Warrior and Gypsy Road Series, as well as the cover of my new nonfiction ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING Q&A) and sing, I seriously doubt I'll ever go back to dancing.

2. Do you feel you were creative, even as a child?

Always. My favorite memories of my childhood were of creating--songs, stories, plays. I played Barbie Dolls and paperdolls long past the time of public acceptance because I believe I didn't want to give up creating stories and developing characters. Books became the outlet for my overactive imagination. I wrote my first book when I was ten years old, but never finished it. However, I knew then that I would be a writer.

3. Could you share with the story behind the story? In other words, how did your writing lead you to your first book?

The first real story I worked on helping develop was something my sister (children's author Linda Derkez and I came up with the summer we lived in Oklahoma. I think I was 12-years-old. Across the street from where we were camped was an old, trashed trailer that we loved to explore. There was broken glass everywhere and pictures that inspired in us the need to know what had happened there. I'm sure nothing really happened there, but our imaginations came up with some pretty gruesome, intriguing things! Though it was my sister who did the actual writing for THE RINGMASTER thriller series, I came up with the title and we worked together on brainstorming for it. That's what led to many summers of the two of us writing together. My desire to be a writer started there and has never really waned.

4. How did you prepare for the creation of your first book? How much research was necessary?

The early writing I did as a teenager (I'd written almost a dozen stories, in addition to countless poems, by the time I was 16) required no research. I just wrote and wrote and wrote, and most of it was pretty awful. I hated to see a story end, so, when I finally had to let it go, I'd have a stack of at least a thousand pages. Nevertheless, the groundwork was set. Some of those early characters have survived (the nine main characters in the Wounded Warriors Series were the characters from these early books, along the four key characters in the Gypsy Road Series) and come into their own at last. Now I do whatever research is required, whether it's book research or interviewing someone in a specific profession or with expertise. I try to do my research first, before I begin outlining, because I like to put everything into my outline where it should be. I like to start my outlining with a complete understanding of what I'm talking about in those research areas so my characters can approach those things from the same place as I do.

5. What kind of reaction do people have to your fiction writing?

The ones most writers expect, both unfortunately and fortuantely. Awe, disbelief, curiosity, the misassumption that I'm rich, that I basically do nothing but sit on my butt all day, that I should get a "real" job. I've gotten scorn from some people, as if I'm conceited. 90% of the people who hear that I'm a writer feel that they have to tell me about some friend or relative they know who's also a writer--I don't understand that compulsion. I've also gotten respect in places I never would have expected it for the work I do. My fans are extremely loyal. They trust me to give them a solid story that they can lose themselves in. They also bless me by calling and e-mailing my publishers, begging for my next offering.

6. Do you find anything difficult in the writing process, and if so what?

My biggest problem is stopping. I'm very compulsive about my writing. When I'm into a story, that's all I want to do. It sounds terrible, but I'd like to be left alone for two weeks straight when I start a book. I'd write with little or no sleep, food, or interruptions. But I know that's not good for me, let alone my family, so I'm extremely disciplined, very goal-oriented with my writing habits. The only thing I can't control is my mind, which goes to my current or other projects compulsively at all times of the day.

7. Do you currently have any writing projects?

My most recent releases are: -ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING The Definitive Guide {The Most Complete Resource to Non-Subsidy E-Publishing}, 2003 Edition by Karen S. Wiesner -WEAVE YOUR WEB {The Promotional Companion to ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING The Definitive Guide} by Karen S. Wiesner -ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING Q&A (the award-winning compilation of Karen's Inkspot column) by Karen S. Wiesner All published by Hard Shell Word Factory -TAKING RESPONSIBILITY BUILDS TRUST (Book 1: Making Good Choices Series) by Karen Sue Wiesner, Illustrations by Robert Beers, an interactive children's picture book published by Writers Exchange E-Publishing.

Upcoming releases are:
-CODY KNOWS (children's picture book, illustrated by Candace Hardy, to be published by Writer's Exchange, Early 2003) -SWEET DREAMS (the re-issue of my paranormal romance with a new cover painted by my husband, to be re-published by Hard Shell, Mid 2003) -WAITING FOR AN ECLIPSE, Book 2 of the Wounded Warriors Series (to be published by Hard Shell, Mid to Late 2003) -TAKING CARE OF YOUR THINGS (Book 2: Making Good Choices Series, Writers Exchange, Late 2003)

What I'm working on currently:
-MIRROR MIRROR, Book 3 of the Wounded Warriors Series -selling the Falcon's Bend Series, a series of mysteries, with award-winning author Christine Spindler. DEGREES OF SEPARATION and TEARS ON STONE, the first two books in the series, are completed. Visit our mystery website at -selling the first book (NO ORDINARY LOVE) in my new mainstream action/adventure series, the Incognito Series.

8. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Find out more about me by visiting my homepage at I enthusiastically welcome letters from fans. Write to me at or by writing to PO Box 118, Black River Falls, WI 54615. Send your snail mail address to receive a free excerpt disk. If you would like to receive my free e-mail newsletter, Karen's Quill, visit or send a blank message to


Author Bio

Karen Wiesner, named a "leading romance writer" by The Writer Magazine, is the award-winning author of the Gypsy Road Series, the Angelfire Trilogy, Dare to Love Series as well as the newest, Wounded Warriors Series, from Hard Shell Word Factory . Her fiction novels from Hard Shell have been nominated for Romantic Times' 1999 Reviewer's Choice Award, the Frankfurt Award and multiple EPPIE's. Karen's first paranormal, SWEET DREAMS (originally published by Avid Press, LLC), which was a Reviewers' Top Pick for 2000, received a coveted 4 star Top Pick review from Romantic Times Magazine and was a finalist for the prestigious 2001 Daphne du Maurier Award.

Karen also writes mysteries with award-winning author Chris Spindler of Auenwald, Germany. The first book in the Falcon's Bend Series, DEGREES OF SEPARATION, is tentatively slated for a January 2004 publication date by Quiet Storm Publishing in hardcover format. Follow the link to Karen and Chris's mystery website from for more details.

Karen is also the author of ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING The Definitive Guide {The Most Complete Reference to Non-Subsidy E-Publishing}, a best-selling, Frankfurt nominated writer's reference. The Guide was a finalist for the 2000 EPPIE and won the 2001 EPPIE for Best Non-fiction. It was excerpted in the 2001 Writers Digest Novel & Short Story Market and made the 2001 Inscriptions' Books of the Year list. eBooks N' Bytes chose the Guide to be their first winner of the eBooks N' Bytes Award of Excellence for Epublishing Book of the Year (2002). The Guide was also a finalist in the 2002 Indie Awards. The 2003 edition is published by Hard Shell Word Factory in two volumes. Karen's award-winning compilation of her Inkspot column, ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING Q&A, is also published by Hard Shell.

Karen's first book of poetry was released in October 2001. SOUL BLEEDS The Dark Poetry and Other Wanderings of K.S. Wiesner finaled in the 2002 EPPIE's and is available from Atlantic Bridge Publishing.

Karen also writes children's books under the pen name Karen Sue Wiesner for Writer's Exchange E-Publishing. In addition to TAKING RESPONSIBILITY BUILDS TRUST and CODY KNOWS, upcoming releases include: THE TREE OF LIFE (Hard Christian Questions Series for Children), as well as more books in the Making Good Choices Series and CODY KNOWS II.

Karen has won the Inscriptions Engraver Award for best on-line columnist two years in a row, the Year 2000 for eXcellence in E-publishing Award: E-author from ebookadvisor, was a two time recipient of the E-Pub Ambassador Award, and was a recipient of The Simply Charming Award for outstanding promotion of e-books. She was also nominated for the 2000 EPIC Florence Moyer Service Award.

Currently, Karen has also completed the first book-NO ORDINARY LOVE-in a new mainstream action/adventure series, the Incognito Series.

For more information about Karen and her work, visit her web site

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