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Artist Bio

Jessica Douglas is a fantasy artist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She began painting when she was three, and just kept going from there! She spent most of her childhood attending Salt Lake's Visual Arts Institute and continued her artistic education at the Orange Coast Community College in Costa Mesa, CA. For a few years she painted murals on the walls of various card game shops. Her work was featured in the 1997 edition of "Saturday Afternoon".

After moving back to Utah she started showing at sci-fi conventions. This year she will be a panelist at the CONduit conventin in Salt Lake. She will be doing the Monster in an hour panel, as well as giving a tour of the art show. She works for as their mythology and art history host. Her work can be found in many of the new age shops around the valley, as well as in Rental Finders. On Fridays she attends the downtown artists market, and on saturdays she shows at pioneer park, next to the farmers market.




"Willow" copyright © 2002 by Jessica M. Douglas.


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