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The Ancient Master

The Ancient Master





Artist Bio

Ed Woodward III is a freelance fantasy and children’s book illustrator working out of new jersey. After graduating from Kean University in 2001 he began working to develop a career as a freelance illustrator. In that time his work has been published in a number of children’s books as well as in science fiction, fantasy and horror role-playing game supplements. Current projects include illustrating a book for a seminary professor, a children’s book, as well as some personal projects.

Stylistically Ed prefers more whimsical almost cartoonish characters, with expressive faces, however the thing that he really loves is creating a visual paradox. The pictures he enjoys the most are those where he can really let go and take two things that are completely opposite and blending them into one creature. However any new or interesting artistic challenge will definitely get his attention.




"The Ancient Master" copyright © 2002 by Ed Woodward III.


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