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Come gather ‘neath the willow tree
where nature hangs around thee,
breezes whisper and tell of things
Like Loves, charms and fairy rings.

Stand cloaked within these weeping arms,
feel and see its mythic charms.
Its telling you of things unseen,
things that only dreamers dream.

Let your mind be free to wonder,
dragons, knights and pounding thunder.
Create the things you want to be,
from beneath this willow tree.




Author Bio

Cynthia Ward is a self-taught Mississippi artist and writer who overcame the stigma of a learning challenge called dyslexia. She went into the field of writing and challenged all the doubts, thus making a statement of the undaunting spirit and never ceasing ability to be successful by holding fast to one's dreams.

Keeping in mind the motto of her Mother, "How can you fail if you never quit?", Cynthia faithfully stayed in the race and has had her first novel, Sometimes There's a Dove, published by Twilight Times Books. Her work was voted as a top 10 mainstream novel for 2002 at the Preditors & Editors Readers' poll.

Cynthia, who was also voted a top 20 author for 2002, has since become a proud member of EPIC, a reviewer for KnowBetter.com and is working on her second novel; an historical romance titled, By Way Of The Rose.

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"Possibilities" Copyright © 2003 Cynthia Ward. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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