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Artist Bio

Artist/Author/Editor/Radio Personality, Associate Publisher of Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine, Managing Editor for Twilight Times Books.

Ardy always considered herself a jack-of-all-trades and master of a few. To date she is an accomplished writer of new age fantasy with two books published and two more in the works. She currently runs two businesses from her home: FantaSeeWorks Graphics & Designs with her partners Michael in Canada and her husband Ken, and Fantasy In Wood (wood sculpting). More, she is also a freelance artist, doing original art, unique cards and cover art for herself and other authors.

Although born a Canadian, Ardy currently resides in North Queensland, Australia with her Aussie husband Ken, Sherlock Hound (three year old Dalmatian) and Dogger Watson (two year old Great Dane/Bull Mastiff/Rottie).



"Crystal Souls" is an illustration from a multi-media novel "Prophecy: The Awakening" copyright © 2001 by Ardy M. Scott and available from Twilight Times Books.


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