Sow the Wind


Arline Chase


And reap a whirlwind year
    filled with flashing images
white pages and bright days
    A time to plant and plan
to speculate and dream
    for a future unknown, unknowable....

Days of hard work,
    Followed by nights of the same.
Hard, hard, hard, fulfilling work...
    A distraction from pain - a learning time,
stretched across rock-strewn pathways
    edged by shifting sands and restless tides.

In the midst of death, we are in life
    A host of dreams yoked with strife,
broadcast in fallow fields, but slowly
    they take root. Tiny shoots of new green
thrust upward from what once
    was barren ground....

Words weave in and out amongst the stars
    Entwined with hope and the blessed thread
of They offer a generous joy,
    and mark the gilt-edged pages
of a life powerfully bound with love...
    and with redemption.




Author Bio

Arline Chase is a writer, an instructor for Writer's Digest School, a "critter" for the Second Draft Criticism Service and has taught writing classes a number of colleges, conferences and workshops on the Delmarva Peninsula.





"Sow the Wind" Copyright © 2002 Arline Chase. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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